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Energy TransitionS 16/12/2021

On the 16th of December 2021, we will open our TransitionS Seminar Series with a session dedicated to energy, from 15 to 17.00 CET We will have the pleasure to listen to Carelle Mang-Benza,...

Seminar Program

First seminar: 16/12/2021, 15-17.00 CET ; Carelle Mang-Benza, Phd candidate at Western University, Canada, and Bregje van Veelen, Researcher at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.


The TransitionS seminar series will bring together researchers working on transition, innovation and governance issues from various fields: management, geography, economics, political science, sociology, among others. The objective is to


LEMNA LEST Université de Nantes Aix Marseille Université Alliance Europa CNRS



Founders Héloïse Berkowitz (CNRS, LEST, Aix Marseille University) co-founder of MATINMathias Guérineau (LEMNA, Nantes University) co-founder of MATIN Members Sanne Bor Martine Gadille Michael  Grothe HammerKarine Guiderdoni Jourdain Camille GuirouMaud HirzcakFlorence JacobJulien KlesczowskiTotti Könnöla Mikko LaamanenDavide Luzzini Julie MayerGaëlle PetitGwendoline Promsopha Sandra RenouLoisel Rodica Antoine SouchaudRaphaël SuireIvo Zander 

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