Governance Transitions 2

On the 21st of June we will have the pleasure to host a seminar on governance transitions. Save the date ! From 13.00 to 14.30 CET

We will listen to Sanne Bor, LUT, Finland, about “The transition to sustainable food packaging” and Bregje van Veelen, University of Uppsala, Sweden about “Decentralisation, democracy and the challenge of diversity: Becoming democratic through community energy”

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Sanne Bor is post-doctoral researcher and project manager at LUT University. She teaches on the International Business and Entrepreneurship master’s programme. In terms of research, she is involved with the PackageHeroes project, a multidisciplinary, multi-university project promoting and studying the transformation of reducing, replacing, and recycling plastic in food packaging. Sanne’s research focuses on inter-organizational collaborations, particularly engaging meta-organization theory, and is interested in topics related to self-steering, horizontal organizing and collective decision-making more generally in settings where environmental challenges are to be solved. Sanne is also chair of the Special Interest Group on Inter-Organizational Collaboration at BAM (British Academy of Management), and actively involved in organizing conference tracks at EGOS (European Group for Organization Studies) on meta-organization.

Bregje van Veelen is a social researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University (Sweden). Her work focuses on the governance of low carbon transitions. She investigates this theme through three strands of research: the role of sub- and trans-national actors; the socio-material dynamics of carbon lock-in; and the potential for low carbon transitions to contribute to political democratisation. She currently holds a Research Fellowship for her project ‘Post-carbon: Imagining the future to unmake the present’, and has previously worked as a Research Associate at Durham University, and a PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

Recordings of the session will be available here

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